Thursday, June 11, 2015

A New Adventure - The Erie Canalway Trail

We are taking a bike ride this summer from Buffalo to Albany. It's only about 400 miles. And you are welcome to ride along with us, either physically on our schedule, or simply online as we Blog and explore. There is wonderful history along the way. Like, who even thought of digging a navigable ditch across New York State for 400 miles? In 1817. Insanity! Yet it was done and opened up the channels to the West. A fascinating story, and we intend to bring it to life as we retrace those historic steps.
Tune in here regularly and we will take you through both the history, as well as the modern day travels along this great route. We will start in Buffalo, NY on August 1st, but shall give you some insight and history before that. Stay tuned.

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