Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day 6 - Newark to Weedsport 35 miles

It was an on and off roads and trails early in the day. But upon getting to the Village of Clyde, about 1/2 way on the day's journey we stopped for lunch at The Little Barrel restaurant and broke out the maps. The dilemma was to take Bike Route 5 along busy Route 31, or take the recommended route along Tyre and Armitage roads through the countryside. We chose the country roads. But the map didn't show that the roads were up and down formidable hills. And, this being our 6th straight day of riding, we had to tough out those hills and then back to Bike Route 5 and into Montezuma. We toughed it out and got into Weedsport early evening ... very tired and very happy to see our hotel!!!

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