Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 8 - Syracuse

About two miles past Sim's Store in Camillus, the Erie Canal Trail abruptly ends at Warners Road. From there it is roughly 13 miles through the City of Syracuse to Dewitt to pick up the Erie Canal Trail once again. The canal once continued into the City of Syracuse but somewhere along the way it got filled in and paved over and is now known as Erie Boulevard, a very busy thoroughfare. (Hey, we don't make this stuff up.) :-)  On a weekday the trek across the city is incredibly dangerous due to heavy traffic. So we decided to do it on a Sunday afternoon to minimize both traffic and risk. As always, we got lost in the city as we most always do, :-) but made it across to Dewitt in a couple of hours, stopping by the Erie Canal Museum, in downtown Syracuse, ON ERIE BOULEVARD! The museum  was once a "weighlock" stop where canal boats were weighed and taxed. Well worth the stop - On a Sunday!!!

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