Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Day 9 - Dewitt to Rome 40 miles

After a mere 202 miles from Buffalo through Syracuse, it was time to head east toward Albany for another 165 miles or so of bicycling. Why not?  :-)  We started in Dewitt, east of Syracuse, which is the start of the Old Erie Canal State Park, a 36 mile linear park along the old canal. Mostly stone dust trail all the way to Rome. (Rome is where they began the original canal because it was flat in both directions there.) Along the way are great Canal landmarks. Chittenango Landing - a restored dry dock, Canastota Canal Town Museum and the Erie Canal Village in Rome.
A long day, but a great ride. (Except for that flat tire in Poolsbrook which delayed us a bit. I hadn't changed a rear tire in almost 20 years. It took a while. :-) But we arrived in Rome, just a little later than scheduled.) Thank goodness for our headlights on the bikes!

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